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Discouraged, in a slump, or falling short of your goal? It's a motivation slump, and we all have them. The good news is that they're normal, temporary, and not all bad.
10 Tools to Move fromĀ "I don't feel like it" to "I got this!"

Ski Babes

Functional fitness training for recreational-level winter sports enthusiasts! Strengthen the muscles and mindset you need for backcountry skiing, splitboarding, and nordic skiing. Train to feel strong, keep up with the group, and have more Type One fun! 

Now enrolling for Winter 2018/19! 

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Balance Training

Do more with less falls & injuries, and more fun! Improve physical balance through the practice of building strength, improving stability, and addressing imbalances. We'll also explore life balance and learn tools for cultivating more balance in our lives. 

Balance Training is not currently open. Click the button below to join the email list for future course updates. 

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In-Person Classes

Now filling in-person groups in Anchorage, Alaska. These are short-term groups finishing up before Thanksgiving. Three time-slots are available: 7:00am Tues/Thurs or 4:30pm Mon/Wed in Airport Heights, or 4:10 Tues/Fri at BFit & Well. 

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Hello, it's Sarah!

I'm a coach, counselor, & trainer by day, and an adventurer, bookworm, & introvert at heart. I love playing in the mountains, connecting with people, & curling up with a good book. And dance parties!

My life is all about the cultivation of strength, balance, & self-awareness, so that when things get tough we can still show up as our best selves. You'll hear me say it: "We've been training for this!" 

My life's adventures have taught me that we're all capable of more than we realize. Now I'm passionate about helping others realize their own potential, discover inner strength & self-worth, break through whatever is holding them back. I teach a strategic combination of functional fitness, yoga, nutrition, & mindset coaching, and bring my special blend of positivity, compassion, & lightheartedness to the challenge of surpassing crushing limitations. You got this! 

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