Outdoor time is more fun when you're fit & strong

Build mind & body strength to prevent injuries & have more fun outside

People often think that to get ready for outdoor adventures they need an expensive gym membership or TONS of time outside. But that's not true. 

The most effective cross-training for outdoor recreation is actually mindful interval training -- and you can do that from your living room.

Mindful interval training is super effective for outdoor rec because we can replicate the funky movement patterns that outdoor rec requires -- but in a stable environment.

With the extra focus that's available indoors, you can build muscle memory for sustainable joint alignment and stabilize the lateral and twisting movement patterns we rarely practice. I can't wait to see the smile on your face after you feel the strength that's possible with this training! 

Hello, I'm Sarah!

I'm a mental health-informed adventure fitness trainer (AKA counselor + personal trainer + outdoor adventurer) from Alaska.

My work focuses on unlearning the toxic teachings of fitness & adventure bro culture, which tells us to go hard or go home, that there are no excuses, and that we need to override our body's wisdom. That sh*t is not sustainable and doesn't serve us - but it takes intentional practice to learn the skills to replace it.

Combining functional fitness, nervous system training, & outdoor recreation mindset is my jam! This combo lets us build the kind of mind & body strength that makes outdoor rec (and changing the world) more accessible, sustainable, & fun. I can't wait for you to experience it! 

✘ off-the-couch adventures (ouch! 🤕) 

 workouts that aren't outdoor rec-specific

 "no pain, no gain" fitness & outdoor recreation bro culture

 workouts that get in the way of your outdoor time

 diet culture & fatphobia

 complicated gym workouts that you don't actually do

✘ "never miss a Monday" workout guilt & perfectionism

 rugged individualism & do-it-yourself training

✔︎ train from your living room

✔︎ outdoor rec-specific exercises that build functional strength, stability, & balance 

✔︎ mental health- & nervous system-informed fitness 

✔︎ workouts designed to fit alongside your outdoor time

✔︎ anti-diet culture & body positive training

✔︎ stream your workouts in your living room, office, or anywhere with internet

✔︎ support & accountability from a coach & community full of like-minded folks

Mindful Interval Training Methodology:

Try a free workout to see if it's a good fit for you!

This 24-min workout will give you a taste of my Mindful Interval Training Methodology (and it might make you the good-kind-of-sore too :)

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Current Mind & Mountain Training Programs:

Ski Babes

Get strong, keep up your friends, prevent injuries, and have more fun this winter! 

Ski Babes is online functional fitness training for recreational-level winter sports enthusiasts. Strengthen the muscles and mindset you need for backcountry skiing, splitboarding, nordic skiing, and improved winter mental health. All in a community of like-minded folks who will cheer you on whether cruising the meadows or the steep couloirs. 

Closed for the season! Sign up for updates for next year. 

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Summer Strong

Mind & body training for summer adventures! Build the mental and physical strength you need to have as much fun as possible this summer.

A focused program to help you develop the kind of functional strength you need to be energized in daily life and strong in the mountains. You'll build the feeling of "I've got this" in your body & mind. Everyone can get Summer Strong! 

The 2022 Summer Strong Late Summer session starts July 18! 

Join Summer Strong

Balance Training

Do more with less falls & injuries, and more fun! Improve physical balance through the practice of building strength, improving stability, and addressing imbalances. We'll also explore life balance and learn tools for cultivating more balance in our lives. 

Start anytime; click below for the details. 

Cultivate balance & play

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 I live, work, and recreate on the unceded land of the Dena'ina people. I'm committed to using my life and work to create a world where colonization and oppression are no longer normal or possible. #decolonize


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