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Discouraged, in a slump, or falling short of your goal? It's a motivation slump, and we all have them. The good news is that they're normal, temporary, and not all bad.
10 Tools to Move from "I don't feel like it" to "I got this!"

Ski Babes

Functional fitness training for recreational-level winter sports enthusiasts! Strengthen the muscles and mindset you need for backcountry skiing, splitboarding, and nordic skiing. Train to feel strong, keep up with the group, and have more Type One fun! 

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Summer Training

Mind and body training for your summer adventure! You'll get less tired and enjoy yourself more this summer when you're strong and healthy. Summer strong is based in functional movement training, with an emphasis on muscles for hiking and paddling. We'll also cover equipment basics, trip planning, and wilderness mindset.

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Online Coaching

One-on-one and group coaching. Together, we explore performance, nutrition, mindset, and mobility, looking for ways to bring out your most vibrant self. Fill out an interest form, and if it seems like a good fit we'll schedule a phone chat to discuss options.

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Hi, I'm Sarah

I love moving & being still. teaching & listening, time in nature & time by the woodstove. I'm a coach, counselor, & trainer by day... and an adventurer, bookworm, & introvert at heart. I live in Alaska, where I work to appreciate both the darkness and the light. My passion is teaching movement & stillness as a path to happiness & a purposeful life.

I'll bring my special blend of positivity, humor, and lighthearted intensity to our work together. 

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Wondering what is the next step that's right for you? I've got you covered. Fill out an Interest Form, and if we're a good fit I'll be in touch.


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