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When we feel strong, everything is different

Can you remember a time when you felt strong & capable, and that feeling radiated into the rest of your life? Maybe you have that feeling a lot, or maybe you haven't had it since you were younger. Or, maybe you can't remember every quite feeling like that, but love the idea of it. Either way, we all know that when our bodies are functioning well & we're able to easily do the things that life & recreation ask of us, life is good. Here's the cool thing: that strength & power is absolutely possible to re-gain. We might need to train a bit more than we did when we were younger to access it, but I have 100% confidence it it being there for you, waiting to be developed. Train with me this summer & you'll see what I'm talking about! 

Moving is winning!

Some days you're ready to crush a workout, and other days you're worn out and have trouble motivating. The Summer Strong workouts are there for you for either of these kinds of days, and anything in-between. You'll get a weekly schedule of workouts 2 or 3 times a week (you choose which structure works best for you) to stream from your living room, office, or porch -- anywhere with internet access, really. Days between workouts are for Active Recovery and time outside: doing your favorite sport, playing with your kids, gardening, hiking, etc. It all counts! The workouts efficient and effective, and designed to fit into a busy life. Throughout, I'll encourage you to adapt the mantra of "moving is winning" as a way to allow you to adapt the workouts to meet your energy, time, and goals for the day. 

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Curious about Summer Strong, but still not sure if it's right for you? Drop your name & email in here & I'll send you a free 20-min Busy Day Workout. You can try out my training style, see how it feels in your body, and make an informed decision about whether Summer Strong is a good fit for you. 

Train on your busy days so you can enjoy your recreation time!

This functional fitness training is really all about reducing the suffering in our recreation time. When we're out-of-shape & struggling keeping up with our friends, it's hard to have very much fun! Instead, we can train, prepare our bodies for the crazy things we ask of them when outside, and then go out and have adventures with ability to enjoy the moment. Less Type 2 Fun and more Type 1. 

Online workouts for the rest of us

Listen, I know there are a ton of different online workout options out there. You may have tried them all... or maybe you've never considered using the internet for your workouts. That's true of many people who join Summer Strong. They're either not too sold on the online fitness world (🙋) or just aren't sure if online training is going to work for them. If this is you, I hope you read through the testimonials on this page, because that's been exactly where many of the people who got amazing results from Summer Strong started as well. My training style is just different! I'm one of you -- an outdoorsy gal, down-to-earth, a bit awkward on camera, and sweating it out right alongside you. "It feels like you're working out with a friend!" -Kai

"Sarah is an amazing trainer and you can easily do the workouts to your own ability and grow from whichever point you are starting from. The focus is on building strength and endurance and also the focus on FOCUS! "

Health Coach & SuperMom

"I have noticed significant strength gains both physically and mentally. I am better equipped to continue moving (skiing, biking, etc.) when I become fatigued; thanks to training with Sarah! "

Wildland Firefighter

"This type of training really does make you strong! It's helped me struggle less when I'm outside, and now I have the strength to do some yoga poses that I couldn't before."

Yoga Teacher

Periodized Training Program:

Join for Round Three, starting August 5, and you'll get access to Round One (great place to start for those new to SMH Training workouts), Round Two (adaptable "Training Blocks" for workouts 2x or 3x weekly), and Round Three. You choose which 6-week sequence makes the most sense for you!

The process for building strength & conditioning isn't linear, even though we might like to think it is! In reality, the body adapts and builds best with the right amount of challenge combined with strategic rest & recovery time. This is hard to create on your own, since we all tend toward the exercises that we like  and that feel "good"... even though we learn and grow best when things are a little uncomfortable.

Summer Strong's intentionally structured work/rest plan will ease you into the "growth zone," which is a bit outside of your comfort zone and hard to achieve when training solo. We'll start where you're at, and you'll be encouraged to adapt exercises & intensity to find the sweet spot of growth-oriented challenge that's right for you. Over time, the exercises will increase in challenge & difficulty, but in a non-linear fashion that keeps the body guessing & growing.

This method of training is called "periodization," and in Summer Strong we'll be using this training methodology to strategically build over time. Each work cycle is six weeks, then we rest and catch up for 1-2 weeks. After our rest break, we'll begin at a slightly higher level than before and progress up from there. After three training cycles you'll be reaching new heights!

  • Round One: Summer Strong workouts 3x weekly. Build your functional fitness foundation for a solid, healthy summer.
  • Round Two: New Summer Strong workout "training modules"; new moves, more challenge, more growth with a flexible block structure that allows for training 2x or 3x weekly.
  • Round Three: Final round of brand new workouts; top off your training for a fall fitness peak. Training modules continue with flexible block scheduling options for twice or 3x weekly training. 


Round Three Starts Monday, August 5!

Join for Round Three, starting August 5, and you'll get access to Round One (great place to start for those new to SMH Training workouts), Round Two (adaptable "Training Blocks" for workouts 2x or 3x weekly), and Round Three. You choose which 6-week sequence makes the most sense for you!

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"These workouts have helped me feel stronger, less injury-prone, and better prepared to handle whatever the mountains decide to dish out. I also love that they're time efficient, so that when life happens, I know I'm not falling behind with my athletic goals."

Environmental Lawyer & Outdoor Endurance Athlete

"It is rare to find such great explanations and details, which is especially helpful when trying new exercises. I’m excited and encouraged to see how strong I am getting. I’ve worked out consistently in gym classes for the last 15 years, but this program took me to the next level. Here’s to having the stamina to work and play hard."

Wine Guru and SuperMom

"Thanks, Sarah, for keeping me in shape for trips like this and a mindset to be guided by gratitude rather than fear when it comes to trip planning and execution."

Denali Backcountry Enthusiast

Program Details

Streamlined Online Training. The point is to be strong and healthy, so we can be active and outside more. Less screen time, not more.

Location Freedom. Video workouts 3x weekly (35-45 min each). You stream the workouts when and where you want. Get strong from your living room, on your office lunch break, or outside on the porch on a sunny day.

Functional Fitness. Practice exercises that improve your stability, balance, strength, and endurance... so you're ready to hike, bike, paddle, and play! 

Mental Training. Learn and practice techniques for managing the stress and mental challenges of our outdoor adventures.

Nutrition Coaching. Weekly nutrition challenges to build the healthy habits that support our bodies' health & healing.

Live Q&A Sessions. Bi-weekly opportunities to ask me anything! 

Bodyweight Workout "Toy Package". The most versatile home exercise equipment around: Gliding Discs, Bender Ball, and a Figure-8 Band. Purchase from Amazon using equipment recommendations emailed to you after purchase. The first two weeks of workouts are equipment-free to allow for shipping time.

VIP Coaching Package Option. Includes one-on-one coaching sessions to help you hone in on your goals, identify and overcome potential roadblocks, and develop a personalized plan for success.

"Sarah's training program was so fun and so effective at building my strength and confidence. She provides options for whatever level fitness you are at while encouraging us to push our individual limits. I can't overstate how informative, empowering and easy to engage with she is!"

Fishing Boat Captain

"This program was just I needed to achieve my goal of finishing a 100 mile endurance race. I became stronger both mentally and physically - this program has it all! Between the challenging, but fun workouts, incredible online community and fabulous resources, I came out the other side a stronger, healthier person!"

Graphic Designer

"Sarah's online training program worked great for me this winter as I travel a ton in January/February for work and can't make in person workout sessions. I was able to keep up training while in different hotel gyms...or just in my hotel room! "

City Councilman & Gear Shop Guy

Hello! I'm Sarah.

My passion is helping people reconnect with their best selves and lead their best lives. I am a personal trainer, group fitness & yoga instructor, and social worker by day...and a hot cider drinker, avid reader (always looking for new book recommendations), and Gilmore Girl fan by night. 

I am an Alaskan girl, and I love to be outside on adventures. I believe in the power of challenge and adventure to show us what we are capable of, and I'm often working at translating those learnings to our daily lives.

One of the things I like the most to do is to help people get strong, fit, and healthy. There's something about the flow you can get into when you're feeling strong outside that I can't get enough of!

I want you to feel like that too, so we can all have fun and be safe and do amazing things in the mountains, on the trails, and in our lives. Let's get started!

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Experience the many benefits of a strong, functional body and mind.


When are the workouts? For the first 6-week series (Round One), workouts are 3x weekly. They're scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week, but you're welcome to adjust the schedule as you need to best fit your needs. For example, some people are super active on the weekends and like taking Monday as their Rest Day. 

Once you've finished Round One, you'll move into workouts that are set upas  "training blocks. " These blocks adapt into two different training schedules: 2x weekly or 3x weekly, depending on what best fits your needs & time availability.

Do I need any equipment? You will need a Figure-8 Band, Bender Ball, and Gliding Discs. You can purchase the "Toy Package" from my page at Amazon which I'll send you a link to once you've registered. Cost is ~$35. I love these three tools as they're small & compact (great for travelers) and they really help me create well-rounded bodyweight workouts that are fun and engaging. The first two weeks of the program are equipment-free to allow for shipping time. 

What type of workout are we talking about here? The workouts in this program use bodyweight as your tool & functionally oriented intervals as the modality. It's a version of High Intensity Interval Training that's adaptable for all levels & creates a nice after-burn & endorphin release. You'll be asked to find seven, eight, & nine+ on your personal intensity scale, using functional movements that mimic outdoor sports and strengthen the parts we most need strong. 

I'm going to be traveling during the program. Is there a way to still participate? You bet! You can stream Summer Strong workouts from anywhere with a good internet connection, and the toys are small & fit well in suitcases. Many Summer Strong workouts have been done in hotel rooms! If you'll be away from the internet, you can download the Workout PDFs and complete the workouts without the videos. And if you end up taking a break or falling behind, you've got two weeks of extra time after each session to catch up and complete the program.

What is the Mobility Track? If you have joint pain when you move, or tightness that inhibits pain-free movement in your body, I'll encourage you to start with the Stage One movements I provide. When we have painful movement patterns, we have to focus on reducing pain and increasing mobility while we build strength, and our work needs to stay more gentle for a while. You may also want some extra props, like a chair and a blanket. 

How often will you release new workouts? I'll release three new workouts every other week. The program will call for you to do each workout twice, second time with extra intensity since you're familiar with the moves. 

I'm super busy and worried I won't be able to fit it in. Help! Busy folks, you're in good company here! Summer Strong runs on the mantra "more is not better, better is better." Gone are the days of hours and hours of cardio! These workouts are time-efficient & super effective, 3x weekly for only 35-45 minutes, and then you're done for the day. On the in-between days you can do whatever feels good - play with the kids, a quick yoga sesh, dance party, or walk outside. 

What does Active Recovery mean? Any type of movement can count for active recovery, as long as you're moving your body and it feels good. Bonus if it's outside, with friends and/or family, and makes you smile! Do yoga, take a Spin Class, go on a run, take a long stroll with a friend. 

How does a Long Day Outside work? Plan time over your weekend to spend a large chunk of time (1-10 hours) moving outside. Think long walk, bike, hike, run, swim, paddle, garden, play frisbee, etc. 

Please explain your 100% money back guarantee. I believe in this program 100%, but that doesn't mean it's the right thing for everyone. We each have different bodies and minds, and we've all been through different things. I'll always encourage you to speak up for your needs.

G1: Try the program consistently for 3 weeks. If you feel strongly it's not right for you, contact me and I will refund your money. 

G2: Finish the program with an 80% or better completion rate. If you are not completely satisfied with your results, contact me and I will refund you 100%.

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Round Three starts August 5!

Join for Round Three, starting August 5, and you'll get access to Round One (great place to start for those new to SMH Training workouts), Round Two (adaptable "Training Blocks" for workouts 2x or 3x weekly), and Round Three. You choose which 6-week sequence makes the most sense for you!









Check out these amazing bonuses!

Bonus #1: Mountain Bike Skills with Christina Grande

Get ready to learn the skills to take your mountain biking to the next level! Christina is an accomplished mountain bike racer, endurance athlete, and a bike fit expert who brings her big smile & encouraging spirit to everything she does. 

Bonus #2: Paddling Skills with Becky King


Become master of your boat with paddle-skills instructor Becky King! Becky is a certified ACA paddling instructor, a Swiftwater Safety Technician, National Park Service Backcountry Ranger, and an accomplished packrafter, canoer, sea kayaker, and sailer. Becky's paddling technique classes will help you learn to use your paddle strokes to control your boat, read the water, and enjoy your time boating. 

Bonus #3: Backpacking Skills with Sarah

Learn the basics of backcountry hiking and backpacking with yours truly, Sarah Histand. In this series you'll learn what to pack (and what to leave behind), how to pack your backpack, how to plan a backpacking trip, and how to travel safely in the backcountry. 

Bonus #4: Modification Series with Sarah

Find the appropriate modifications for your needs with this helpful bonus series. Anyone with past injuries, imbalances, or aches & pains can benefit from adapting exercises to their specific body's limitations. Special modifications for sore/weak wrists, ankles, knees, shoulders, and pre/post natal fitness are included.  

Bonus #5: Follow-Through Strategies with Sarah

The ability to follow through on what we start may be the most important thing in our efforts to improve our bodies and our lives. In this bonus we'll explore different personality types (the Four Tendencies) and how they can help us establish follow-through plans that work for our individual needs.  


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