Summer Strong:

Mind & Body Training for Summer Adventures

Let's Go!

Get strong & have as much fun as possible this summer!

Six weeks (or a whole summer) of online workouts designed to help you get strong so you can enjoy all the adventures that summer has in store.


Calling all hikers, bikers, boaters, runners, & stroller-pushers

If you're looking forward to summer -- even though the pandemic might mean it's a different kind of summer than we'd hoped -- you can bet it'll be better if you're strong and resilient. And Summer Strong will help get you there.

The Goal

Build functional strength (the kind you need to do the funky things that being outside demands!) so you can have as much fun as possible this summer. 

Prevent injuries, increase balance & mobility, and have an easier time keeping up with your friends!

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The Plan

Efficient and engaging bodyweight workouts designed to keep your body challenged, your mind growing, and build the kind of strength you need for your outdoor adventures.

  • 35-45 minute workouts
  • Train three days/week
  • Three six-week periodized training rounds (see visual below) that progress through the summer
  • Start training on the July 27 training cycle & complete one round by end of summer
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Is Summer Strong right for me?

Let's help you make an informed decision
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Wildland Firefighter

I have noticed significant strength gains both physically and mentally. I am better equipped to continue moving (skiing, biking, etc.) when I become fatigued; thanks to training with Sarah! 

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Environmental Lawyer

These workouts have helped me feel stronger, less injury-prone, and better prepared to handle whatever the mountains decide to dish out. I also love that they're time efficient, so that when life happens, I know I'm not falling behind with my athletic goals.

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Health Coach & Super-mom

Sarah is an amazing trainer and you can easily do the workouts to your own ability and grow from whichever point you are starting from. The focus is on building strength and endurance and also the focus on FOCUS! 

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Wine Guru & SuperMom

It is rare to find such great explanations and details, which is especially helpful when trying new exercises.
I’m excited and encouraged to see how strong I am getting. I’ve worked out consistently in gym classes for the last 15 years, but this program took me to the next level.

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Graphic Designer

This program was just I needed to achieve my goal of finishing a 100 mile endurance race.  I became stronger both mentally and physically - this program has it all!  Between the challenging, but fun workouts, incredible online community and fabulous resources, I came out the other side a stronger, healthier person!

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Fishing Boat Captain

Sarah's training program was so fun and so effective at building my strength and confidence. She provides options for whatever level fitness you are at while encouraging us to push our individual limits. I can't overstate how informative, empowering and easy to engage with she is!


Financial support for those who need it

If finances are a concern for you right now, please consider utilizing the Sistering Support we have in place for you this year. 

"Sistering" is a construction term in which a post that's holding up too much weight is supported by additional posts on either side. This metaphor conveys what we're after: helping take some of the weight off those who are carrying a lot right now. 

Especially for those impacted by COVID19 -- this is for YOU! Not charity, but in solidarity with you in these hard times.

Apply for Sistering Support here (2 min application) Application deadline for the July 27 training cycle is Saturday 7/25/20

For those who would like to contribute to this effort, there is an option to donate to the Sistering Fund as part of your Summer Strong registration. 

Check out the amazing Summer Strong bonuses!


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Bonus #1: Mountain Bike Skills with Grande

Get ready to learn the skills to take your mountain biking to the next level! Christina Grande is an accomplished mountain bike racer, endurance athlete, and a bike fit expert who brings her big smile & encouraging spirit to everything she does. 

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Bonus #2: Paddling Skills with Becky

Become master of your boat with paddle-skills instructor Becky King! Becky is a certified ACA paddling instructor, a Swiftwater Safety Technician, National Park Service Backcountry Ranger, and an accomplished packrafter, canoer, sea kayaker, and sailer. Becky's paddling technique classes will help you learn to use your paddle strokes to control your boat, read the water, and enjoy your time boating. 

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Bonus #3: Backpacking Skills with Sarah

Learn the basics of backcountry hiking and backpacking with yours truly, Sarah Histand. In this series you'll learn what to pack (and what to leave behind), how to pack your backpack, how to plan a backpacking trip, and how to travel safely in the backcountry. 

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Bonus #4:  Modification Series with Sarah

Find the appropriate modifications for your needs with this helpful bonus series. Anyone with past injuries, imbalances, or aches & pains can benefit from adapting exercises to their specific body's limitations. Special modifications for sore/weak wrists, ankles, knees, shoulders, and pre/post natal fitness are included.  

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Bonus #5: Follow-Through Strategies with Sarah

The ability to follow through on what we start may be the most important thing in our efforts to improve our bodies and our lives. In this bonus we'll explore your personality type using the Four Tendencies and how working with your personality instead of against it can help you establish follow-through plans that work for your individual needs.  

Community Forum

Bonus #6: Community Forum with Everyone

Our Summer Strong forum is the place to connect with members in your local area and around the globe. This year we're moving off of Facebook and into a private platform that allows for less distraction, more intimacy, and more privacy. We'll share wins, provide accountability & support, and inspire each other with our adventures. The community is one of the highlights of this program and I know you'll a ton out of this forum!

Next round of Summer Strong starts Monday, July 27

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