Balance Training

Cultivate strength, center, & stability for balanced living in an unstable world


We're all a little out of balance 


Maybe your body has a strong side & a weak side, or you're thriving in your work life but not in your relationships. It's absolutely normal to experience imbalance in our bodies and our lives. In fact, we have to lose our balance in order to find it again. 

Improve your balance, improve your life


Balance, in both our bodies and our lives, requires a strong foundation, ability to find center, and a strength that endures. A sense of playfulness is also recommended! Intentionally training balance helps us develop these same qualities in our minds and our lives. 

How does it work?


We train together twice weekly for six weeks, starting after Labor Day, from the comfort of your home (or anywhere with decent internet). You can choose to join for live workouts and/or stream the produced videos as is convenient for you. I value both accessibility & challenge, so trust that I'll provide lots of modifications for different ability levels so you can find your appropriate level. 

Along with the workouts, we'll develop daily habits to integrate what we're practicing. Journal prompts & bi-weekly group coaching calls are also part of the experience.

In six weeks you'll be psyched at how much your balance has improved... in your body and in your life! 

"Sarah is an amazing trainer and you can easily do the workouts to your own ability and grow from whichever point you are starting from. The focus is on building strength and endurance and also the focus on FOCUS! "

Health Coach & SuperMom

"I have noticed significant strength gains both physically and mentally. I am better equipped to continue moving (skiing, biking, etc.) when I become fatigued; thanks to training with Sarah! "

Wildland Firefighter

"Sarah's training program was so fun and so effective at building my strength and confidence. She provides options for whatever level fitness you are at while encouraging us to push our individual limits. I can't overstate how informative, empowering and easy to engage with she is!"

Fishing Boat Captain

Hello! I'm Sarah.

My passion is helping people reconnect with their best selves and lead their best lives. I am a personal trainer, fitness & yoga instructor, and mental health counselor by day...and a hot cider drinker, avid reader (always looking for new book recommendations), and Gilmore Girl fan by night. 

I've been exploring the concept of balance in fitness, yoga, and mental health over the last few years, but only recently, as I juggled a bunch of changes (a move, new job, & health concerns) did I recognize the need for more intentionality around creating balance in my life. 

One of the things I most love is to helping people develop the physical and mental strength and softness that creates a well-rounded life. Balance Training is currently my focus area,  and I'd love to share it with you. Let's do this!

AND Here’s The Best Part…

We do this all through our online training so you can fall as much as you want, without fear of judgement.

The falls are inevitable. It's what happens after you fall that's important. Can you get up, and begin again (maybe even with a laugh)? 

"These workouts have helped me feel stronger, less injury-prone, and better prepared to handle whatever the mountains decide to dish out. I also love that they're time efficient, so that when life happens, I know I'm not falling behind with my athletic goals."

Environmental Lawyer

"It is rare to find such great explanations and details, which is especially helpful when trying new exercises. I’m excited and encouraged to see how strong I am getting. I’ve worked out consistently in gym classes for the last 15 years, but this program took me to the next level. Here’s to having the stamina to work and play hard."

Wine Guru & SuperMom

Develop balance & stability in your body, mind, & life


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