Hello, I’m Sarah. I’m an Alaskan girl, with lots of diverse interests and more I want to get into each day than I usually have hours for. I am a multi-passionate person whose talents are in helping people utilize their whole selves to live their best lives. Working with one part of the self without considering the rest just doesn’t work for me.

We are all complex, diverse, multi-talented, complicated human beings! I know this best from my own life: I’m an active person and have a hard time sitting still for too long, yet sometimes I get lost in a good book and might not poke my head out for days. I treasure the peacefulness of yoga and meditation, and I also crave the loud rhythm of hip-shaking music on the dance floor. I love the challenge of a wilderness adventure and also appreciate being warm, dry, and comfortable in my cozy little home. I strive for balance between activity and rest, purpose and relaxation, social hour and alone time, drive and peace.

I am a counselor, life and nutrition coach, and personal trainer, but mostly I’m the person you can count on to be in your corner. I’m passionate about helping people connect to their mind, body, and spirit as they move into living their best lives possible. It’s all self-care, as far as I’m concerned, and I’ve learned through my work with others and from personal experience the value of a flexible, but regular self-care practice. Today much of my work is helping others develop and follow through on their own self-care practices.


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