Ski Babes: Winter Sports Training

Winter is more fun when you are fit & strong! 

⭐ Keep up with your friends, reduce injuries, & have as much fun as possible this winter! ⭐ 

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Focused, energizing workouts that give you the good-kinda-sore

Improve strength, functionality, and confidence levels so you can have as much fun as possible this winter!

Ski Babes: Winter Sports Training is all about maximizing your time and providing big functional strength gains for recreational athletes and non-athletes alike.

Accessible, efficient, and fun, Ski Babes workouts will brighten up your winter days & surprise you with what your body is capable of!


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Integrated Training for the Whole Person

"Ski Babes workouts helped last time I went exploring on skis with my boyfriend and dog: on a scary downhill, I told myself "butt down, chest up, zip up the core!" and it instantly became fun and not scary! Hooray for simple changes that make things feel stable and strong!"


"I just love feeling stronger. Yesterday I fell down backcountry powder skiing and I was able to stand up quickly from sitting on my heels with my pack on! A first in many years. The Ski Babes workouts are paying off!"


"Thanks so much for providing Ski Babes as such an amazing resource for us to access from home. I am so excited how strong I am getting. It is rare to find such great explanations and details... especially helpful when trying new exercises. "


Periodized Training Program

The process for building strength & conditioning isn't linear. Instead, the body adapts, changes, and grows best with an intentionally structured work/rest plan. This method of training is called "periodization," and in Ski Babes we'll be using this training methodology to strategically build over time. Each work cycle is 6 weeks, then we reset & start another cycle. Each new cycle we'll begin at a slightly higher level than the previous one started at and progresses up from there. After three training cycles you'll be reaching new heights!

Join for one training cycle, or all three

Periodized training cycles build on each other in a strategic way, keeping the body just-challenged-enough to keep growing over time without burnout, fatigue, or boredom. 

***The next Ski Babes training cycle starts on January 13. New Ski Babes who join for the January 13 training round will be encouraged to start with the Round One workouts.***

  • Round One: Classic Ski Babes workouts; build your foundation for a solid winter.
  • Round Two: New Ski Babes workouts; new moves, more challenge, more growth.
  • Round Three: Final round of brand new workouts; top off your training for a spring fitness peak.

"Sarah's training program was so fun and so effective at building my strength and confidence. She provides options for whatever level fitness you are at while encouraging us to push our individual limits. I can't overstate how informative, empowering and easy to engage with she is!"

Fishing Boat Captain

"This program was just I needed to achieve my goal of finishing a 100 mile endurance race. I became stronger both mentally and physically - this program has it all! Between the challenging, but fun workouts, incredible online community and fabulous resources, I came out the other side a stronger, healthier person!"

Graphic Designer

"Sarah's online training program worked great for me this winter as I travel a ton in January/February for work and can't make in person workout sessions. I was able to keep up training while in different hotel gyms...or just in my hotel room! "

City Councilman & Gear Shop Guy

"These workouts have helped me feel stronger, less injury-prone, and better prepared to handle whatever the mountains decide to dish out. I also love that they're time efficient, so that when life happens, I know I'm not falling behind with my athletic goals."

Environmental Lawyer

Prevent Injuries with the Right Training

Muscle imbalances, weakness, lack of agility & mobility all contribute to potential for injury. And injuries are no fun!

Ski Babes uses research-identified exercises to address the problematic movement patterns  associated with ACL injuries, which are one of the most common skiing injuries.

Many ski resorts report one ACL tear EACH DAY during their open season! Women are more vulnerable to this injury than men, and some specific movement patterns, muscular weaknesses, and times of the month are also associated with higher risk.

The good news is that research also identifies exercises that can help prevent these injuries, which we'll be practicing together in Ski Babes. Let's get ahead of that risk & do what we can to prevent ACL and other injuries!


Next training round starts January 13!

Ski Babes use the best toys!

Ski Babes workouts utilize bodyweight moves + toys to replicate and prepare for the challenges of winter sports. The Ski Babes Toy Package can be purchased on Amazon & includes Gliding Discs (for hardwood or carpet), a Bender Ball, and a Figure-8 Band. We use these in our workouts to activate the core, stabilizer muscles, upper body, and work with instability and imbalance. They're a great complement to your home or work gym, fit easily into a suitcase for travel, and kids love them!


I believe in this program 100%, but that doesn't mean it's the right thing for everyone. We each have different bodies and minds, and we've all been through different things. I'll always encourage you to speak up for your needs. You can get full refunds for your purchase at 3 weeks and 6 weeks. See details in the FAQ below.

Next Ski Babes Round starts January 13

If you have a goal in mind, and you've been waiting for the motivation to train for it, with the flexibility of video classes (you get to workout when it works best for YOU), consider jumping in for the next round. Ski Babes is the perfect compliment to an active lifestyle. Here's our weekly schedule:

What people are saying about Ski Babes:

Winter recreation is more fun when you are strong enough to keep up with your friends!

I am so excited to share this workout program with you, as these workouts have completely changed my own ability to handle all of the challenges that winter sports throw our way.

And I've seen it do the same for many, many of my clients and friends. 

This means sustaining long days outside, in good spirits, without your body crying to stop.

And it's all achievable through structured, consistent, efficient workouts that are fun to do (so you actually do them!).

I believe in it so much that I wanted to make it accessible to everyone, not just to those I could teach in-person classes to. That's why I created this online program, and why I'm so confident promoting it as an amazing way of gaining the strength, functionality, and confidence to have an amazing winter. 

If you are a backcountry skier, split-boarder, nordic skier, weekend warrior, off-the-couch athlete, or a ski-vacationer, this 6-week online bootcamp might be just the thing you need to step your winter sports performance up a level.

Ski Babes is a strength, balance, and core fitness program. I can’t make you a *good* skier (I still fall down A LOT too!), but I can help you build the strength to get back up when you fall (maybe even with a smile on your face). This winter I've also been able to bring in some EXPERTS to help us with the technical side of skiing : CHECK OUT THE AMAZING BONUSES AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE! 

Join me as we train together to develop the strength, balance, and confidence we need to crush our winter sports goals!

You got this!


Join Ski Babes NOW!

Next training round starts January 13


When are the workouts? Workouts are scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week, but you're welcome to adjust the schedule as you need to best fit your needs. For example, some people are super active on the weekends and like taking Monday as their Rest Day. 

What type of workout are we talking about here? And what is a Tabata? The workouts in this program are structured, High Intensity Interval Training. You'll be asked to find seven, eight, & nine+ on your personal intensity scale, using functional movements that mimic outdoor sports and strengthen the parts we most need strong. A Tabata interval is a 4-minute sequence of 20 second intervals, which tends to be the hardest part of class. We'll do 1-2 Tabata intervals each class. 

I'm going to be traveling during the program. Is there a way to still participate? You bet! You can stream Ski Babes workouts from anywhere with a good internet connection, and the toys are small & fit well in suitcases. Many Ski Babes workouts have been done in hotel rooms! If you'll be away from the internet, you can download the Workout PDFs and complete the workouts without the videos. And if you end up taking a break or falling behind, you've got two weeks of extra time after each session to catch up and complete the program.

What is the Mobility Track? If you have joint pain when you move, or tightness that inhibits pain-free movement in your body, I'll encourage you to start with the Stage One movements I provide. When we have painful movement patterns, we have to focus on reducing pain and increasing mobility while we build strength, and our work needs to stay more gentle for a while. You may also want some extra props, like a chair and a blanket. 

How often will you release new workouts? I'll release three new workouts every other week. The program will call for you to do each workout twice, second time with extra intensity since you're familiar with the moves. 

I'm super busy and worried I won't be able to fit it in. Help! Busy folks, you're in good company here! Ski Babes is designed on the motto "more is not better, better is better." Gone are the days of hours and hours of cardio! These workouts are time-efficient & super effective, 3x weekly for only 35-45 minutes, and then you're done for the day. On the in-between days you can do whatever feels good - play with the kids, a quick yoga sesh, dance party, or walk outside. 

What does Active Recovery mean? Any type of movement can count for active recovery, as long as you're moving your body and it feels good. Bonus if it's outside, with friends and/or family, and makes you smile! Do yoga, take a Spin Class, go Skate Skiing, take a long stroll with a friend. 

How does a Long Day Outside work? Plan time over your weekend to spend a large chunk of time (1-10 hours) moving outside. Think long walk, bike, ski, skate, hike, sledding party. 

Please explain your 100% money back guarantee. I believe in this program 100%, but that doesn't mean it's the right thing for everyone. We each have different bodies and minds, and we've all been through different things. I'll always encourage you to speak up for your needs.

G1: Try the program consistently for 3 weeks. If you feel strongly it's not right for you, contact me and I will refund your money. 

G2: Finish the program with an 80% or better completion rate. If you are not completely satisfied with your results, contact me and I will refund you 100%.

Last day to join









Check out these amazing BONUSES!

BONUS ONE: Nordic Ski Skills with Holly Brooks

Holly joins Ski Babes to help us improve the technical side of nordic skiing. She'll be sharing drills and skills to improve your skate and classic ski technique. Holly is a two time Olympian (Vancouver 2010 & Sochi 2014) and former professional athlete & ski coach. She is a super-Ski Babe!  

BONUS TWO: Alpine Ski Skills with Bre Donovan

We're bringing on an expert to help improve the technical side of downhill skiing as well. Bre has been a ski coach for 16 years, works primarily with women skiers, and has tons of tips, strategies, and drills designed to take your downhill skiing to the next level. 

BONUS THREE: Exercise Modification Series with Sarah

Find the appropriate modifications for your needs with this helpful bonus series. Anyone with past injuries, imbalances, or aches & pains can benefit from adapting exercises to their specific body's limitations. Special modifications for sore/weak wrists, ankles, knees, shoulders, and pre/post natal fitness are included.  

BONUS FOUR: Follow-Through Strategies with Sarah

The ability to follow through on what we start may be the most important thing in our efforts to improve our bodies and our lives. In this bonus we'll explore different personality types (the Four Tendencies) and how they can help us establish follow-through plans that work for our individual needs.  

Reach your strength, endurance, & adventure potential

  • Build strength & endurance for longer, happier days outside adventuring as well as improved functioning in daily life: carry groceries, play with kids, shovel snow, sleep well.
  • Increased balance & stability, to help the body handle the unexpected slip, bump, or jump.
  • Strengthen the core, which helps everything: agility, recovering from a slip, safe twisting, posture, injury prevention, ability to carry a pack, etc.
  • Practice winter-sport specific functional fitness movements, which translate to improved form, reduced injuries, and greater confidence in your abilities. 
  • Time-efficient, intensity-based training that allows each individual to choose their level each day.
  • Periodized training plan with workouts that increase in difficulty an intensity as the body adapts & strengthens.
  • Online Bootcamp model allows for convenient workout timing - do them when it works for you! If you're traveling, have a busy holiday season ahead, or just have an inconsistent schedule, the Online Bootcamp model might really work for you. 
  • Bi-weekly #formchecks: submit videos of yourself doing the exercises & receive coaching from Sarah on form, alignments, and modifications.
  • Mobility Track options for those recovering from injury, illness, or lower fitness levels that inhibit pain-free movement
  • BRING A FRIEND: Sign up before next round's start date, and you'll receive a $20 discount code to share with a friend. Sharing is caring... but make sure the share is a welcome one - no fit/size/weight shaming here!

Ski Babes Scholarships

If money is a barrier for your participation, consider applying for a Ski Babes partial-scholarship. Limited numbers of reduced cost slots are open, with preference given to low-income, single parents, and underrepresented populations in the outdoor world.


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