Are you at risk for an ACL Injury?

injury prevention knee Apr 11, 2019

How are your knees these days?

I've got a couple friends who are struggling with knee injuries at the moment, so the subject of healthy knees has been heavy on my mind. I know how devastating it can be to have a knee injury - or an injury of any kind, for that matter - so I'm hoping today's video will help you assess the health of your knees and more specifically assess if you're at risk for an ACL injury. 

This is a personal passion topic for me, because when I was in High School, I tore BOTH of my ACLs with a couple months of each other. 🤦‍♀️ 🤷

It was a low point for me, for sure (Read: I was heartbroken). But luckily my surgeries went well, I was able to rehab and re-strengthen successfully, and I've been able to be as active as I want (including playing rugby, running, skiing, backpacking, etc.) with no issues ever since.

My experience has made me super passionate about helping other people PREVENT injuries like mine, though, which is what the video I have for you today is all about. 

If you find you are at risk for an injury, don't freak out. We can absolutely work with any predisposition for injury, through intentional re-alignment work, strengthening activities, and mobility improvements. And I've got a great option for helping you with some preventative efforts - Summer Strong: Mind & Body Training for Summer Adventures and Ski Babes: Winter Strength for All are both designed to address common imbalances found in the video & develop the functional strength to prevent these injuries. 

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