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Maintaining Light + Energy in the Darkness:

Using Self-Care to Create Improved Mood + Energy + Health for the Winter Season

Energy Balance

Learn to utilize self-care practices to maintain optimal energy balance. Northern winters tend to bring our energy levels down, but regular whole-person self-care can help.

Key Elements

Ensure that your whole-person self-care practices include the 5 key elements: movement, fuel, healing, play, and creative connection.

Fill Your Toolbox

We all need a variety of tools to choose from, as our minds, bodies, and environment change daily. Discover which tools work for you, and load your self-care toolbox up with them.


Self-Care Contract

Assess your self-care needs, develop your personalized plan, and turn it into a contract complete with clear expectations, an accountability partner, and *most importantly* rewards!

Winter Self-Care for Mood + Energy

Plan to thrive this winter! This e-course is your opportunity to build a personal self-care routine that helps you have more energy, feel more balanced, and keep your light shining through the winter season.

Yes, winter is a time of rest and recovery, but you don’t have to feel sluggish, foggy, and unmotivated all winter long. Learn how to use the winter season to listen, take informed action, and to care for yourself in just the way your mind, body, and spirit need so that you have the energy and motivation to get outside, play with your kids, and be social without forcing it.

In this class you’ll learn my method for assessing for mood and energy balance and using your results to determine what activity to use to move toward balance. We’ll work together to develop a self-care plan that makes the most of your strengths and addresses your areas of weakness with practical, small steps. You’ll finish with a detailed self-care contract, a specific plan for follow-through, and lots of inspiration to carry you into the winter months.

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Self-check: how do you measure up in each of the 5 Zones of Self Care? Identify which areas are your strengths and which are…not strengths. We’ll then work together to build on the areas you’ve got dialed and identify priority areas for improvement.

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Plan Construction

Expand your repertoire with new self-care strategies. Hone in on the techniques that work for you, and build them into a self-care plan for the winter months. Self-care planning involves setting up your daily practices, developing short and long term goals, and establishing specific deadlines for yourself – all from a perspective of practical, compassionate self-acceptance.

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Take Action

A plan without action, consistency, and follow-through is worthless, yet this is often where our efforts fall short. The best follow-through formulas involve anticipation of our hurtles, pre-made strategies to overcome and/or adjust to challenges, social networks to carry us through our lowest moments, and BIG REWARDS to celebrate our successes. Together, we will develop a follow-through formula that’s just right for you!

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