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Three Clean Green Weeks

Moving toward whole food, plant-based eating

Moving toward whole food, plant-based eating

Let’s break whole food, plant-based eating down so we’re all on the same page. Three Clean, Green Weeks is a free healthy eating challenge that runs multiple times a year:

  • Three weeks of moving toward whole food, plant based eating
  • Next start date is TBD, sign up below to stay updated.
  • Whole food, plant based means what it says. For me that mostly means I’m cutting out meat and dairy. If you eat a lot of processed foods, you’ll have to take a look at that as well.
  • Moving toward means that we’re moving in that direction, but that we understand imperfection and balance. It doesn’t mean we’re not going for it, though. I’ll be all in to way of eating for our three weeks together…at the same time a motto of mine is progress, not perfection.

Why Whole Food, Plant Based?

I’ve been gobbling up nutrition books this year, and it just seems like they all point in the same direction: eat whole foods, mostly plants, and tons of vegetables. My mentor Mindy Mylrea even created a whole program around this idea, One Day to Wellness, which I hope to take soon.

One of my books this season is “Food Over Medicine,” whose author tells the story of a man who “died of noncompliance” even though he did 80% of the program. To me, that means we’ve got to go all in. Of course, I’m expecting to make a few mistakes along the way and maybe you will too.

For instance, I’ll have a hard time giving up half and half in my coffee, and unless I find a good substitute I might do some cheating on that one.

But I am cutting out cheese, yogurt (so sad about that!), butter, and eggs. And meat, but that one’s not that hard for me (especially now that my boyfriend, who has been on a pre-trip weight-gain program, is out on his adventure).

If you’re interested in making some different food choices, but going completely whole food, plant-based is too much at this time, that’s fine! I’d suggest either cutting out meat or dairy (whichever one comes easiest for you) for these three weeks. It’s a great start. Watch how your body does with that change, and you can use that information to inform what you want to do in the future.

Join me if you’re interested. I’ll notify my Friends & Family List when the next round is about to begin. Get on the list below to stay updated!

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