Maintaining Light + Energy in the Darkness:

Self-Care Planning Retreats for Improved Mood + Energy + Health for the Winter Season

Energy Balance

Learn to utilize self-care practices to maintain optimal energy balance. Alaskan winters tend to bring our energy levels down, but regular whole-person self-care can help.


Key Elements

Ensure that your whole-person self-care practices include the 5 key elements: movement, fuel, healing, play, and creative connection.

Fill Your Toolbox

We all need a variety of tools to choose from, as our minds, bodies, and environment change daily. Discover which tools work for you, and load your self-care toolbox up with them.


Self-Care Contract

Assess your self-care needs, develop your personalized plan, and turn it into a contract with specific dates, expectations, and *most importantly* rewards.

One Day Self-Care Mini-Retreats

Plan to thrive this winter! This retreat and planning session is your opportunity to evaluate your personal self-care needs, explore your¬†gaps, and experiment with new concepts to round out your practices. We’ll work together to develop a self-care plan that makes the most of your strengths and addresses your areas of weakness with practical, small steps. You’ll leave with a¬†detailed self-care contract, a specific plan for follow-through, and lots of inspiration to carry you into the winter months.


Self-check: how do you measure up in each of the 5 Zones of Self Care? Identify which areas are your strengths and which are…not strengths. We’ll then work together to build on the areas you’ve got dialed¬†and identify priority areas for improvement.

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Plan Construction

Expand your repertoire with new self-care strategies. Hone in on the techniques that work for you, and build them into a self-care plan for the winter months. Self-care planning involves setting up your daily practices, developing short and long term goals, and establishing specific deadlines for yourself Рall from a perspective of practical, compassionate self-acceptance.

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Take Action

A plan without action, consistency, and follow-through is worthless, yet this is often where our efforts fall short. The best follow-through formulas involve anticipation of our¬†hurtles, pre-made strategies to¬†overcome and/or adjust to challenges, social networks to carry us through our lowest moments, and BIG REWARDS to celebrate our successes. Together, we will develop a follow-through formula that’s just right¬†for you!

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Take your first step toward a happier, healthier winter season this year!

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