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Lose Weight + Be More

Let’s talk about weight loss.

I have a problem with our culture’s obsession with losing weight.There are big mindset problems that come with a weight-loss mentality. It keeps us mentally and emotionally small, shrinking, apologetic, and ashamed. I don’t want any of that for myself or for the people I work with. I want big, bold, strong, and confident. I want you to BE MORE: more joyous, more creative, more adventurous, more inspired, more yourself.

Of course, I get it too. Weight loss can be important, even necessary at times. When we carry extra weight around, our body doesn’t move easily, our joints wear out, and our energy runs short. Weight loss helps lower our risk for all sorts of scary chronic diseases and increases our longevity.

But if we only talk about weight loss, we’re missing the bigger picture. There are reasons we are overweight, and systems in place (social, cultural, & biological) that keep us that way.

So how can we achieve the health and fitness we desire, without fat-shaming, self-blaming, or thinking small?

To get into the heart of the matter, I have three questions that I ask people to consider when they want advice about weight loss.

1. What do you really want?

We often think we want one thing, but the real outcome we’re after is something deeper. For example, a teenager might think she wants a boyfriend, when what she really wants is to feel loved, special, and appreciated. This happens all the time in our lives.

For weight loss, you might be after something similar as the teenager in my example. You might want to feel loved, appreciated, beautiful, strong, sexy. You might want to be able to run, jump, play, and have adventures without pain or exhaustion. Under that might be wanting to not to feel like a failure, wanting to feel proud, good in your skin, like yourself. Good enough. Enough.

Here’s an exercise to get to the bottom of what you really want. It’s called the Five Whys:

The Five Why's


2. Why did you start your old habits?

Often there are real, human needs that contribute to our gaining weight, eating more, and staying heavy. Until you learn what these needs are and how they affect your behavior patterns, you’ll stay stuck in a cycle of self-blame, frustration, and discouragement.

<<<<<<< I wrote an article on this subject that I’d encourage you to read. It’s called Overweight + Unhappy: The real reasons we gain weight and stay that way.

3. What do you need in place to help you change?

Behavior change is one of those things: it sounds simple, but in reality it is incredibly difficult to actually accomplish. There are hundreds of books on the subject (and I’ve read many of them – top recommendations are Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard, Essential Zen Habits, Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business, and Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness)

As a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, nutrition coach, and therapist, behavior change is my jam. I find it fascinating. I completely relate to having difficulty breaking habits (my current battle is with chewing my nails…I know, gross!) and I absolutely love helping people achieve behavior change in their own lives.

One thing I know is that some of our most entrenched habits involve mindset and food. These deeply set habits can be quite challenging to shift alone. Making your change goal known publicly, and having an accountability buddy and support system is the first and most critical success factor for behavior change. Building the skills and knowledge needed to make the right change at the right time is the second success factor. And the third success factor is a coach, who can help you adjust when necessary, keep motivation high, and stay on track.


Lose Weight + Be More Coaching Group

I am creating a Lose Weight + Be More coaching group in Fall 2017 with the intention of providing group members with all three success factors. The Lose Weight + Be More coaching group will include nutrition coaching, workouts, and bi-weekly Education + Mindset group sessions. I am looking to draw in a small group of committed participants to learn, grow, and support change together.

We’ll be using the Precision Nutrition curriculum for daily habits and check-ins. I’ll present the bulk of the information to you in our group sessions, and then you’ll be responsible for checking off your daily nutrition habits and exercise assignments. Precision Nutrition’s curriculum is evidence-based (scientifically researched to show it gets lasting results) and professional.I have personally seen its effectiveness with my individual clients and look forward to working with it in a group setting. Watch the promo here >>>>>>

Please send me a note if you are curious about this group and think it may be right for you! I have so much to share with you, and I love to help people reach their goals. I also believe strongly in the power of a group to achieve the best accountability and follow-through.

Send your questions my way:

Sarah is the perfect blend of positive encouragement and gently tough love. She leads by example, calls me out when I’m making lame excuses, and has always been there for me. I know she’s in my corner and wants me to succeed.


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