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13 Reasons Why: A Parent’s Guide – Part 1

Your teens are reading it, watching it, & talking about it. Here's how to use 13 Reasons Why to talk to them about friendships, bullying, suicide, sex, & more. I binge-watched the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why this week. The show details the 13 reasons why...

Am I Hungry…Enough to Eat an Apple?

Am I hungry? This is one of the first questions that I encourage people to ask themselves when they're working on health and fitness. It is the very first of 3 nutrition questions I ask people to get into the habit of cycling through before they make food choices: 1)...

3 Quick + Easy Healthy Snacks

Healthy, Whole Food Snacking Regular, healthy snacks are essential to managing energy, weight, and even mood! Waiting too long between meals, without tasty, nutritious snacks, can make us 'hangry' (know the Snickers commercial where the hungry guy turns into the...

What is a body scan?

Body scans 101 A body scan is a simple tool for checking in with yourself. I recommend doing body scans regularly throughout your day, as a way of evaluating where your energy is and using that information to adjust what you’re doing, choose activities that best serve...

Strawberry Spinach Smoothie

Why #spinachineverything ? Eat more leafy greens! This was my biggest takeaway from the first food-health book I read: Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. The idea keeps coming back around as I’ve deepened my understanding of health, nutrition, and how our bodies...

Health + Emotion

Are the mind and the body as separate as we think? I started honing in on the strong connection between physical health and emotional health when I was working in fitness and studying mental health. I was completing a practicum in community behavioral health for my...

Mason Jar Oatmeal

Thought mason jars were just for canning? Think again. I use mason jars a lot. They are my go-to for food on the go, especially when I have an early morning class to teach and know I’ll need a mid-morning snack afterward. Mason Jar Oatmeal can be as diverse as you...

Veggies on Half Your Plate

The new nutrition guidelines I’ve been making a concerted attempt to follow the “veggies make up half of your plate, each meal” guideline that Precision Nutrition recommends. The idea with eating this many vegetables is that you’ll get your nutrients and minerals from...

Central Brooks Range Traverse

Dream trip with the dream team I’m cozy at home, enjoying an extended fall season in Valdez after a long trip (my longest yet!) in the Brooks Range: 3 weeks, 400 miles, Anaktuvuk Pass to Ambler via the Arrigetch Peaks. The physical challenges on this trip were...

Spinach Cucumber Hummus Salad

No plan for dinner? No problem. I am often pleasantly surprised with what I come up with when I use what I have to create something out what I have in the fridge. This salad is a tasty example of this approach. No special shopping trip for this one, just what I...

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