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Reflections on health, happiness, and whole self living


Less seriousness, more play! What do you do for fun? Not just for enjoyment, but real, deep, belly-laughing fun? The benefits of play are wide-ranging, and have the potential to impact our mood, energy, health, sleep, sense of vitality, and longevity. Play enhances...

Plank Tucks

Plank Tucks (on skis or with Gliding Discs!) Start the New Year by taking inspired action...  and jump right in with me on this one! You need something slippery under your feet - skis, Gliding Discs, hand towels, or anything else creative that you find in your...

Star Jumps

Star Jumps, and adjusting to change Some days things just don't go as planned. Your breakfast smoothie is accidentally abandoned by the door as you rush out of the house in the morning. Workouts get derailed by meetings, family emergencies, sickness, or lack of...

Superhero Lunges

Superhero Lunges I had so much fun over Halloween wearing this pink Power Ranger costume that I was inspired to create a new Move of the Week for you! Whether or not you have a superhero alter ego or not, this move will strengthen your legs, challenge your balance,...

Simple Sun Salutation

Simple Sun Salutation As the light fades in the north, the ☀️SUN☀️ becomes more rare, but it's even more important for mind, body, and spirit that we soak it in. Today's Move of the Week is a simple Sun Salutation that can be done anywhere (no bare feet or yoga pants...

Change your Environment: Kitchen + Sumo Squats Barre Style

Change your Environment: Kitchen Makeover Welcome to Part 2 of Change your Environment Series. This week we're diving into our kitchens. Creating a kitchen space and healthy ingredients on hand can make a world of difference toward encouraging healthy choices. We need...

Shape your Environment: Part 1 HOME + Core with Toys

[Part 1: Home] Shape your environment so it works for you Welcome to the first part in a series of posts about shaping your environment so that it nudges you toward your goals. The goal of this work is to make the healthier choices the easier ones.  Our daily built...

Single-leg strength & balance: Pistol Squats

Pistol Squats This exercise was introduced to me when I was recovering from knee surgery (torn ACLs in both knees... that's another story!) in high school. When done correctly, it's a great way to build up knee strength and stability, but it's not just for knees....

Grab your rock, kettlebell, or baby for this Move of the Week

Goblet Squats Grab something heavy, and join me right now for a few weighted goblet squats. Use your imagination: a rock, dog, baby, dumbbell, backpack, or really whatever you've got will work just fine. Today's message is start where you are, and use what you have....

Balance Sequence – celebrating Equinox

Balance Sequence for Equinox This past week was Equinox! These seasonal changes seem to always catch me off guard - how can summer be OVER already? It comes and goes so fast here in the north. In Alaska, Fall Equinox represents the time when our endless light-filled...

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