Fuel it.

Because the body needs the right foods to move, heal, learn, create, play, love, and grow.

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Move it.

Cultivating strength, mobility, grace, and ease. Discover what helps your body feel better. Find the freedom to skip, run, and play.

Heal it.

Find your bliss. Reduce stress and pain through intentional rest balanced with gentle movement.

Love it.

Quiet the inner critic. Practice gratitude and mindfulness. Move toward acceptance and appreciation of yourself and others.

Use it.

Develop purpose, connection, community, creativity. Use your talents to make an impact in your life and on the world.

Self-Care Retreats

Incorporate the five elements of self-care into a personal success plan for the upcoming winter months.

Three Clean Green Weeks

Whole food, plant-based eating for three weeks starting Sunday, March 26. It’s a free group effort toward making healthy eating choices can be hard to follow through with on your own. Sign up here.

Upcoming Classes

Tabata Bootcamps and other classes come and go with the seasons. Stay up to date by joining my Friends & Family List (below).

Three Clean Green Weeks

I've been wanting to try .... and now is the time! I'd love to have your company on this journey. 
I'll create a private accountability group and a Getting Started Shopping List.

We'll start whole food, plant-based eating on Sunday, March 26.

It's free!

Happy healthy, whole eating!

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